Tender or RFP/RFI responses are time consuming and require meticulous attention to detail but can pay huge dividends if prepared correctly.  Corporate and Government tenders can be hard work but a winning bid can get you a lucrative contract spanning 3 or more years.

Some tender specifications include a response template but many don’t and in these cases it’s important to ensure your response document is clear, logical and well structured.  It should always include a persuasive introduction that clearly states the central proposition of your bid and importantly shows why they should choose your company as the winning bidder.

Many tender documents seem to ask for repetitive information but if you read each clause carefully, you’ll often see there are subtle differences in the response required, so make sure your submission answers all of the questions correctly and above all, resist the urge to cut and paste your responses.

Our sister company TenderWise has all the answers when it comes to bid writing and can help you to create a great tender response.  Contact TenderWise by calling Pauline on 0400 514579 or shoot her an email to pauline@tenderwise.com.au.